10-year experienced RMT Offers Mobile Somatic Massage Therapy


My name is Renee Teresa, a licensed RMT, and I am offering Mobile(only) intuitive massage, energy healing and somatic body awareness therapies. Please visit my website for further information about my services. www.reborne.life

In the comfort of your own home, grant yourself permission to find that stillness within. My touch and grounded energy will allow you to practice releasing any held emotions and physical disease. Going into deep embodiment meditations through breath, touch, sound, and various modalities, together we guide you back home to your body.

Insurance coverage issued in the style of receipts is available at this time. Ask for details.

What does “coming home” to your body feel like?
♥ Feeling this sense of vitality throughout your body.
♥ Finding the joy in the simple and mundane tasks throughout the day.
♥ Stepping into stressful or high alert situations with resilience and a larger capacity to cope through those challenging times.
♥ Understanding and feeling purpose to the greater truth of who you are.
♥ Laughter and silliness readily available.

Grounding and presence are the effects of my style of session. Using my trained skills, I will guide you into alignment and balance. Specialized in heart healing and relaxation to clear sadness or closed feelings which might be leading you to feel unloved or unappreciated. By the end of our time together, you will feel calm, peaceful, and have a sense of self-awareness.

My training and education skill sets:
♥ 3000 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy program
♥ Somatic body-based practices (Currently training in Somatic Relational Trauma-informed Practices for Medicine-Assisted Therapy)
♥ Multiple clinical techniques including: Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Muscle, Joint Mobilization, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Pre & Post Natal Massage, Trigger Point
♥ Craniosacral
♥ Lomi Lomi
♥ Sound therapy
♥ Aromatherapy
♥ Raw Vegan Chef

Hours of operation are from Sunday mid day to Wednesday late evening.
$120 – 1hr (+) additional travel cover outside of SE quadrant
$160 – 1.5hr (+) additional travel cover outside of SE quadrant
$200 – 2hrs (+) additional travel cover outside of SE quadrant
(Any time over 2 hours can be talked about in person.)

Please prepare your home for my arrival as I want to give you the most relaxing experience possible. A little extra clearing on your part will add a spa-like ambiance.
Such preparations include:
· Having a clean area to work in that is free of clutter, having an open space for my table, soft lighting, etc.
· No strong chemicals used prior to my arrival. My sense of smell is very heightened and if strong fragrant cleaning products are used prior to my arrival, the smell will affect my ability to provide care for you. Please ask if you need more information about this preparation.
· Dogs or cats that are anxious, aggressive, and/or wild please inform me ahead of time, and we can discuss options on how to navigate the situation.
· Children are the same as above.
· Having electronics off during our time together.
· A requirement and a safety protocol for us to continue forward, I ask that photo IDs be exchanged via text message before we plan to meet. This is to protect both of our well-beings and ensure that we agree to respect each other’s boundaries. This preparation is non-negotiable. Thank you for understanding.

Your health and safety matters to me. I respect all bodies in the physical form and do not discriminate against any beliefs, gender, religious orientation, medical status, race, etc.
I will cover your body with soft and clean sheets.
I will not expose your skin unless given permission verbally by the individual.

My services are NOT for adult fun themed activities. This is a non-negotiable term. When messaging me, tell me you accept this term to move forward. Thank you.

I am open and delighted to discuss your health needs and concerns with you.
I look forward to helping you on your way to becoming a more balanced and peaceful being.

In gratitude,
Renee Teresa