Amazing RELAXATION Massage by Intuitive RMT

Hello! Skyler(aka Kyle W) here at your service!!
I’m 30, 6′, 188, fitness + health oriented, and have a strong physique to serve you better. As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), my focus is providing clients with an amazing relaxation and wellness experience.
(Certified RMT – licensed with 2200+ hour.s,for over 5 years, Credentials available upon request)
** Same day appointments NOT typically available.

I’m a super friendly guy with an experienced & intuitive touch, that excels at providing clients with relaxation and a sense of well being throughout the body.
Massage that is therapeutic, enhances mental/physical health, and provides
expert Massage to suit unique needs
Massage methods that alternate pressure and movement for maximum benefits.
.______Extremely hygienic and sanitary massage environment with strict disinfecting procedure

Professional Professional similar RELAXATION MASSAGE
Warm up, major muscle group coverage & extended cool down

Accelerated warm up, emphasis on total muscle/body coverage, and short cool dow

Massage Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Clients can be draped according to their comfort level. In my hands there is no need to feel anxious or awkward. Massages are provided on a portable table, or can be performed on a similar firm surface, allowing for extended range of motion.

Massage oil (coconut oil with anti-oxidizing properties), towels and supplies are included. Depending on distance, out calls may require a travel fee.
* In-call sessions are at my home studio space in SW downtown.

Please include your request details in the response to this ad — date/time preference and whether In or Out-Call is needed (city area if travel required). Messages without these details will be disregarded.

Thanks! Hope to provide an exceptional massage for you very soon! 🙂