Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage, Body Hair Removal By Sasha♡

Hi ♡
My name is Sasha♡, I am a certified holistic aesthetician from Edmonton. I am currently in Calgary this weekend to provide aesthetic services for my clients! I have a couple appointments available for this weekend, early morning or later in evening is available.

@honeygoddesslove on instagram & for a full list of my available services.
Please send me a message with your name and the service you would like to book with me.

P.S. If you have sent me a message perviously, and I did not answer please send me a message again. I receive many messages and I do my best to respond to all messages I receive! ♡

I visit Calgary at least once per month! I love to provide my relaxing services regardless of your city! ♡

The services I provide in Calgary include:
Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage –
♡– Treat yourself to a relaxation massage by me – using Swedish Massage techniques and custom blends of my warm essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils), allow me to massage you into a deeper state of relaxation. Full body therapeutic relaxation massage, take all your stress and anxiety away, reduce muscle stiffness, & improves blood circulation. Including relaxing lighting, candles, & music. I have a shower available to use after your massage. –♡

The main focus is relaxation, mindfulness and improved mood. The main benefits of the Aromatherapy Massage are: reduction of stress and anxiety, decrease in muscle tension and pain relief. It also helps to reduce symtpoms of depression, control inflammation and help with headaches.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
30 minutes $55
45 minutes $70
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $135
120 minutes $170

Massage Add-on available:
Full Body Lotion Application 30 minutes $35

Body Treatment
Full Body Lotion Application ONLY 45 minutes $60

♡– Treat yourself to my Full Body Lotion Application by me. I use the highest quality organic lotion made with essential oils. –♡

Hair Removal & Holistic Waxing Specialist

♡– I ensure that your waxing experience is the most relaxing as possible!

Book your wax with a massage and you will leave feeling relaxed and renewed. –♡

Facial Waxing

Brow $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Cheek/Jawline $12
Full Face $35
Body Waxing
Under arms $20
Chest $35
Stomach $30
Upper Back $35
Lower Back $35
Back $70
Upper Arms $25
Lower Arms $25
Full Arms $40 ​
Upper Legs $40
Lower Legs $40
Full Legs $75
Bikini Line $40
Full Bikini $55
Brazilian $90-$140
Full Body Shaving also available

Foot Reflexology

– Traditional Foot Massage, Pain relief, nerve stimulation, blood flow, migraine relief, and so much more can be achieved through reflexology. –

$70.00 45 mins
$80.00 60 mins