Blackfoot 58Ave SE Deep tissue and Therapeutic Massage

Hello, everyone welcome and happy Saturday , open !

Blackfoot 58 Ave 4 street SE within minutes of Chinook Mall.

Welcome and accept new Female clients and female seniors when you first Experience booking you get free facial 15 minutes no charge with 60 minutes massage session.

I’m a female Massage therapist, offering Relaxation and Deep Tissue Pain Relief and Sports Injury and Therapeutic massage+facial.
I prefer long sessions 90 minutes because it’s a great medical muscle relaxation and decreases muscle pains and reduces your stress, and helps your sleep better and your body recovery sooner.

The treatment on patients with medical surgery issues and sports injury treatment helps decrease pain. If you have sports injuries or frozen shoulder you do need 90 minutes.
Here are some about my service:
60 minutes relaxation ( hot stone and Swedish treatment) full body massage + foot.
90 minutes deep tissue + stretching + cupping +
Myofascia treatment (chronic pain)
120 mints Therapeutic Treatment+ Facial + Thai stretching.

During Session Provide : Hot stone, Warm towels cupping, lotion and oil (5 different types) and Facial supplies all included+
Walk through and Thai Stretching and more ASIATSU
Japanese barefoot massage and Relaxation Facial ( provide cosmetics with no extra charge). unscented lotion and oil.

If this sounds like what you are looking for and you are interested please text me at
(587)418-0203 for booking an appointment only and text me about pricing, further questions and address.

Accept Cash .
Professional Drape required ONLY
Open date:
Friday and Saturday, Monday Tuesday Only
8am -7 pm
Thanks for reading my add .