Couples Mobile Massage Therapy

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Massage on the go, we treat families , couples, children. Back pain? Anxiety? Let us help. ‚óŹHusband and Wife Team. Registered Massage Therapist 2200hr Direct Billing / Reciepts Accept Most of Insurance companies Text 4034026171 or Email for booking. RELAXATION MASSAGE 60min for $79 | 90min $119 It can be slow, rhythmical and matched to the rate of respiration of yours to decrease sympathetic nervous system firing and reduction of edema. THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE 60min for $79 | 90min for $119 Uses a variety of techniques on specific muscles and releases chronic tension of the body and cleansing & detoxification of the tissues. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 60min for $79 | 90min for $119 Focus in on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic pain and tension in the muscles far below the surface of the body Professional Services Only Hours 9am-9pm Cash / Debit / Credit / Insurance Benefits Direct Billing