Crush Petrissage Female Only Mobile Relaxation Massage

Offer for female only a powerful massage from very strong and durable hands.

Offer any location in Calgary. You should provide for a parking area close to your location.

Client’s Place: (Must have a free parking space nearby) This is a flat rate. It doesn’t matter how close or how far it is from my place as long as it is in Calgary. Please provide an adequate space for me to move around the massage table. The area of session is also recommended to have a power outlet nearby if you prefer to have a heated massage table.

Time Slots — Cash Or E-Transfer Only
• 60 Minute = $80
• 90 minutes = $120
• 120 Minute = $160

Areas Not Serviced:
• Abdominal/Stomach
• Middle and Lower Chest Areas
• Open trauma and other certain skin conditions

Other Services Coming Soon
• Laser Hair Removal
• Tattoon Removal
• Laser Acne Treatment

Note: This is a professional relaxation massage. The only service I will be offering is making the clients have relaxed muscles and mind through massage techniques and music only.

See the link in this ad for Intake/Onboarding Form easily filled on your phone or desktop.

Kijiji Link To Website Doesn’t Recongnize the .online domain name so copy and paste this link below, or go directly to the intake Form in the upper right.