Deep tissue and relaxation massage at SW Elbow Drive

Welcome to the new open business to get very good massage from Alina
Receipts for all insurance companies
We can do:
1. Deep tissue massage
2. Relaxation massage
3. Pregnancy massage
4. Cupping
5. Sports massage
6. Children massage
All prices are including GST:
30 minutes——-$50
45 minutes——-$60
60 minutes——-$79
90 minutes——-$118
You can pay cash or etransfer. ( direct billing is unavailable now)
We open Monday to Sunday 9:00am —8:00pm
and 5:00pm—8:00pm on Wednesday
Please call or text me at 403-968-3608 for booking your appointment
Strictly professional massage only
Location: 3825 Elbow Drive SW
Park at back alley
Free shower and clean towels