Energy Massage! From your phone! Anywhere, I can reach you!

Hello beautiful Soul!! ❤️ Do you feel stressed? You deserve to relax! Ready to Let go of the spinning thoughts, stress and pain in your body from it all!??

If so?…. Message me for a 20 minute, to an hour energy massage! ❤️ Even over the phone I can preform an energetic massage giving your relief from built up anxiety, and stress!

What’s REIKI ?? It is the universal life force we all have within and around us! We all use it!

Example…You hurt your shoulder, we put our hand on it, rub and intend to heal! Now with trained hands, life force energy can be directed with intention for your greatest and highest good! If willing and open to recieve, its endless, the magical transformation that can take place! ☮️❤️✌️

It’s no different if you are with me in person, or laying in your bed at home on the phone with me, the energy can travel without effort! Same results expressed every time!

Your welcome to request an at your home session if you are elder, I have a portable table I can come to you! ❣️ within the LLB, hylo, Boyle, grassland, and anthabasca area!

Or come take a Scenic drive, you may schedule a session at my zen cabin, for an added environmental, spiritual, energetic, relaxation experience!

$40 for a half hour
$80 for an hour
$20 card reading get answers from above! ✌️

I look forward to sharing so much love, peace and relaxation with you!
I know it works, and I know your worth it!
Much love! ❤️

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