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Hi I’m J-M, an RMT with 9+ years of experience. My journey began in 2013 when I enrolled in massage school at MaKami College. I graduated in 2015 & have since gained extensive full time experience in many clinical settings & my private practice in Calgary. My detailed work history is available on LinkedIn. I’ve developed a unique skillset throughout my career which consists of techniques I learned in school & innovative discoveries. I enjoy using a very thorough approach to maximize the amount of work done in a given session. I’m an expert in healing stubborn chronic pain. My professional service is provided in the comfort of your home. I always arrive 15 minutes before appointments equipped with a big treatment table with an armrest, fresh sheets to meticulously drape, & coconut oil. I’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19 four times & maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Spacious living rooms are the most ideal workspace. Optional relaxing music available.

1pm-11pm everyday.
60 Minute Full Body or Focus: $150
90 Minute Full Body: $225
120 Minute Full Body: $300

Targeted Areas
(Option to exclude any of the following)
Back, neck, shoulders, glutes, calves, hamstrings, arms, hands, quads, shins, feet.

Light, medium, or deep. Pressure can be subjective because everyone has a different pain threshold so it’s important for you to communicate if you ever want less or more. Typically deeper pressure has the most therapeutic value. It shouldn’t ever be excruciating although a little “good pain” is ok.

Payment Methods
Cash or eTransfer.
Insurance receipts & direct billing available if needed.
Request A Treatment
Text or call me at 825-994-9595. Please provide your name, address, & duration.

Optimal Frequency
Significant results can be achieved in a single session, although your condition may require follow up sessions to achieve a %100 pain free body. If you wish to establish a treatment plan, 1x/week will yield the best results in the beginning. 1-2x/month is then recommended for general maintenance.
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