Exclusive discreet male to female massage services

Good afternoon ladies,
After many years in the therapeutic massage industry and having many female clients ask for a massage with more I chose to give up my traditional therapeutic massage license and instead continue to focus on an exclusive membership of female clients who recognize their own sensuality and yearn for an outlet where they can be free to fully relax, receive and be pampered. It is, of course, necessary for me to yield my license as the oath and value that college has do not align with what I feel is an inner and underserved service.
My clients range from stay at home mothers who give selflessly to their family and have lost themselves in their giving and are searching for an outlet where they can fully embrace and be selfish. Receive every, caring, attention and relaxation. Without anyone or anything requesting anything from them. To female executives who are I. High stress and high power positions who require a time out in their day and outlet for the stress and energy to flow and leave glowing and ready to take on the next challenge.
To date I have worked exclusively through referral but at the behest and pleading of my dozen regular clients, I have chosen to put this out into the world where I know women are struggling and have been with children at home through this pandemic and a partner who is also home and the challenges that new dynamic may bring.
This service is entirely up to you. As we grow and get to know one another, our trust and my understanding of you, your life and stresses and body will grow as will my ability to help alleviate and ultimately bring you joy and relaxation. This service is for someone whom seeks to carve out some time for themselves and put their need and wants first. If even for just an hour a month.
I have included a great link which may further educate you…
Know I am in a committed relationship and I’m not looking to change that. What I do seek to change is to improve your well being and out more positive love, energy, happiness into the world. Know the most important thing to me is your safety and discretion. It is key for you to feel empowered and safe.
I am available to travel within reason and as most clients have a busy life and are quite invested in where they live I also provide services in my home.
Now it’s up to you. I hope to hear from you soon. Have an amazing day. Hugs, AJ