Experience Pure Bliss with our Exclusive Bubbles Scrub

Are you ready to experience pure spa bliss? Treat yourself to the exclusive Ultimate Bubbles Body Scrub at My Haven Laser Spa! Our luxurious fusion of Turkish Hammam and Japanese Body Scrub awaits, promising you an unforgettable journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. ✨

Start your indulgence with a rejuvenating 20-minute sauna session. Let the heat soothe your muscles and prepare your body for the pampering ahead. Then, indulge in a refreshing 5-minute soak under our invigorating Vichy shower, where warm water cascades like a tranquil waterfall, washing away any remaining stress.

Our Exfoliating Bath Glove will work its magic, gently lifting away dead cells, and revealing a radiant new you! ✨ Feel your skin revitalized and incredibly fresh after this pampering treatment, ready to glow with a newfound radiance.
Next, it’s time to luxuriate in a hydrating body mask that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and nourished. ‍♀️ This step ensures your skin is deeply moisturized and enriched, adding to the overall indulgence.

The grand finale of this incredible experience is an immersion in a world of bubbles, setting the stage for the ultimate relaxation. Followed by a delightful massage that will melt away any lingering tension, and a luxurious full-body lotion application, leaving your skin feeling pampered and cared for. ‍♀️

Booking online at myhavenlaserspa.ca, or you can call us at 403-418-5525 to secure your spot. Visit us at 100 Mission RD SW, Calgary, and let our spa experts pamper you to the fullest in a haven of relaxation. ‍♂️ Give yourself the gift of pure spa bliss and step into a world of rejuvenation and serenity.