Facials and Massage gor men's and women's

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1) Dermapen Microneedling 250 Now50% OFF regular price 500 (This treatment is the best treatment to improve wrinkles and prevent new ones. It is a replacement of Botox and laser treatments with out any bad side affects and can be done on every skin color types) This treatment as well is good to improve the stretch marks and any type of scars on the skin.
2) Repechage Tightening facials with seaweed, clay and RF : 85.00 Now The Regular price is 200
This facial is very good to make the skin more tight and improve the flabby skin on the neck and jawline.
3) Hydrofacial treatment: 75.00 Now. Regular price is usually 150.00
This treatment is very good to prevent the excess of dryness and as well helps to remove the dead cells and shrinks the pores.
In this facial we use enzyme ingredients and infusion of hyaluronic acid.
4) Microblading for eye brows : 200 Now Regular price is usually is 500
If you want to book an appointment you can text at 403-3971976
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