Gentlemen's Waxing and Spa Services

Finally, a Waxing and Spa service just for you Gentlemen! No more sharing an appointment book with us ladies who can pretty much go anywhere to get waxed. Now it’s just you, and your fellow bros!
My name is Crystal and I want to welcome you to “Crystal Clear Spa for Men”. I am a professional and ethical esthetician who is very passionate about the skin. My loyal clients can attest to how much I talk about good skin care. I hold numerous certifications in esthetics including but not limited to: Advanced Facial Chemical Peel, Waxing Technician, Facials, Microdermabrasion…etc
The purpose of my spa is to help promote and encourage men to take care of themselves. It’s 2022, and it’s time for the old ways of thinking regarding male esthetics to take a hike! Book your waxing, body treatment and more with a certified esthetician who puts the needs of your skin first. Feel good in the skin you’re in and get ready to BARE it ALL!!
– Full Body Waxing – Body Scrubs – Facials – Chemical Peels …. And more. For a full list of services and prices and to book your appointment visit:
**Please note, I do not offer sexual services of any kind. Thank you for being respectful**
** I have been coming to Crystal for a couple months now. The first time I was really hesitant. The stigma of a man getting waxed is still there and I didn’t feel comfortable. But Crystal put me at ease. She is the consummate professional. She knows her stuff. She works hard at it. What I like most is that she genuinely cares about what she is doing. Her attention to detail is second to none. And the conversation is great. Really nice lady! she has a client in me! 5 Stars!
** Crystal makes an awkward experience more pleasant. Professional yet personable at the same time
** Crystal is amazing at what she does, very attentive to detail and great results! Amazing results