Home Spa by certified Esthetician- SPRING SPECIAL

ManSpa YYc is located in Riverbend, Calgary.
A private spa run by myself (Keith) for other guys.
Home-Spa by certified Esthetician

SPRING SPECIAL “Full Body Shower Exfoliation with Bonus 30 Minute Moisturizing Massage”
Regular price 130, on sale for 80.

This service is perfect to reverse the harsh skin from our Calgary climate.
A full body scrub involves getting your body professionally cleaned from the neck down with special exfoliants, oils, and moisturizers. This is an intensely rejuvenating and relaxing experience that polishes your dull and tired skin and reveals the soft new skin that waits underneath. It’s especially useful in reaching areas of your body like the middle of your back that may be challenging to scrub and exfoliate on your own. At the end of the treatment, your body will be rinsed and moisturized and feel great.

The shower exfoliation portion takes approximately 35 minutes and is followed by a BONUS 30 minute moisturizing treatment where I massage special oils into your skin to leave you feeling amazing.

If you wish any area’s left out, no problem. Just let me know prior to starting and the area/s will not be exfoliated and or have oils massaged into them. Your comfort is of utmost importance.

This package is put together to abide by any and all Kijiji rules and regulations and can only be found as a special offer on Kijiji and is not sold separately on Kijiji.

Other Spa and esthetic services available.

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