Ivy Massage in NW Calgary , Insurance Acceptable

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Ivy Medical Massage & Spa. This is a great professional and registered massage clinic. The environment here is quiet and clean. We have plenty of private space for clients. Payment by card is accepted .
Offer Service Item:
*Relaxation Massage Therapy
Swedish Relaxation Massage,
Deep Tissue Massage,
Thai Massage,
Myofascial Release Techniques,
Bamboo Massage,
Hot stone Massage,
Facial Massage,
Prenatal Massage,
Reflexology Massage,
Hydrotherapy Spa Combination,
Foot Bath Scrub Massage,
Body Wraps Scrubs.
*Clinic Treatment
Release Muscles Painful, Sore, Tighten,
Treat Soft Tissue Injury, Over Used Muscles Injury,
Car Accident Injury,
Increase Range of Motion of Joints,
Treat Stiffness Neck, Trigger Points,
Treat Cold Shoulders.
Launch Preferential Price:
30min- $50
45min- $65
60min- $80
90min- $120
Thai Massage Price :
60min- $100
90min- $150
Insurance Acceptable. Direct Billing Available. Payment by card.
3000 Hours Trained CRMTA, Registered Massage Therapist.
Please Make an Appointment For Great Massage With
CoCo : (587)917 0800 Lily:(587)429 6442
Help you relieve muscle pain and acid swelling, increase joints range of motion! Keep you healthy!
To Booking Right Now!
Address: 101-1640 16Ave NW Calgary
Working hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm ,
Saturday- Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm.