Lipocavitation: Non-invasive fat reduction

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Welcome Ladies !

* Booking June 22nd and on , $50 deposit to RSVP your time due to high volume of clientele . The deposit acts as a credit toward your session that day

I am 3x certified in the specialty of body contouring using methods like cavitation, laser lipolysis and cryolipolysis. These treatments help reduce unwanted fat on almost any area ( legs, arms, stomach , double chin , back fat and cellulite) I also offer non invasive Brazilian butt lifts / enhancements using a combination of techniques with specialized technology primarily using vacuum therapy.

There is no downtime, no pain or discomfort of any sort. As the owner of BodiedbyNV, I have undergone all services provided to ensure quality care and results .

All the pictures are my own, in my professional home based salon . Taken immediately after ONE session ( if in same clothes ) . It is recommended to complete a session of 5+ for desired results . Discounted packages available

**Instagram: BodiedbyNV

* Pricing : What Waist ? 1 hour and a half ( waist slimming ) Using 3 methods to reduce inches and perfect for mommy tummys! ( loose skin no problem) – $130

Glute & Hip Enhancements – 1 hour and a half -$125

Facial Rejuvenation- ( contour, shape, reduce double chin ) – $100

– Only accepting female clients at the time , sorry for the inconvenience.

Please dont hesitate to contact me for more info!

Let’s get that body you always envisioned!.