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[爱心]One of the BEST MASSAGE shop in DOWNTOWN!!!♥
If your shoulders and neck are sore, your head aches, your body is tired, and your job is stressful, you are welcome to take a break in the middle of the day for physical therapy so that your energy can be restored and you can work easil

From 70 minutes
80 $/ 70 minutes
90$/ 75 minutes
105 $/ 90 minutes
-Become a VIP(more hour have free massage)
★☞FREE-~Massage free use of hot stone,
hot pad, cupping, Infrared treatment lamp ,scrapping physical therapy tools,very good for body

★Massage therapist:
Registered massage therapist, many years of massage experience, Chinese and western massage techniques combined techniques.
☞Massage program:
Injury rehabilitation
Sports massage
, pain and numbness of body and limbs massage, headache massage, foot reflexes massage, mental tension and pressure relaxation technique massage
☞Massage technique:
deeptexiu, push, take, knead the muscle through the membrane, point and meridian point and massage, walk on the back, push oil detoxification therapy, etc.
☞Massage appliance using technology:
Chinese and western cupping and Walking cupping , scraping, hot stone using technical
Moxibustion therapy: Chinese traditional moxa grass fumigation moxibustion technique.
Acupuncturists have decades of experience in acupuncture and moxibustion, which is safe and reliable in treating various body and head pain and numbness, knee pain, helping infertility, alleviating the acceleration of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and alzheimer’s disease, preventing alzheimer’s disease, often tearing eyes, eye bags and facial wrinkles, losing weight and so on
-Provide insurance invoice which can be reimbursed by any insurance company.
-Direct billing
( massage and acupuncture )
-✔Notice: There are more than 5 parking lots near shop.
☞☞After 4pm from MON to FRI, pay $2 for two hours and $3 for parking until 6am the next morning.
☞☞Saturday and Sunday all-day parking is only $3
On Sundays, roadside parking is free. Every day, after 6 p.m., roadside parking is free
★★★Contact Us★★★
– Call(shop) 403-460-6880
– SMS/Call 587-707-2969
– Shop address: 212 centre ST SE.
front the centre street bridge; on the first floor of the 100-year-old red brick building; near the central street main road Chinatown; across the road is the restaurant named You and Me