Massage, Facials, Permanent Makeup,Wax

1) Body Scrub wrap :
Full exfoliation of all the dead cell’s on the body. After we apply an antioxidant moisturizing body mask. Then wrap the person for 15 minutes. When the mask is dry then the client gets shower.
Whe finished will return to the room and get a 30 minutes Swedish massage by a certified therapist .
2) Deep tissue or medium deep Massage done by a Certified Register Massage Therapist with 3 thousand hours practice.
3) Lymphatic Drainage ro remove the excess of water and air feom the stomach by making you lose some inches on the stomach.
Done by a certified professional therapist
4) Swedish Relaxation Massage done by a certified therapist in Alberta.
5)Facials for men and women 50% off for the summer.
6)Waxing and Body Sugaring hair removal for men and women
Mole Removal by a certified experienced skin specialist
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