Massage Therapy – Open today long weekend!

LOCATION: Close to downtown right behind the Max Bell Centre, at my clean & safe Home Residence.
Registered RMT
Registration #KTB0939861.

Mon-Fri 8am-7pm.
Sat & Sun 9-5pm.
*FREE Street Parking.*
Same day or a day or two in advance for booking is great! I can usually get you the time slot you need. I don’t usually book in advance because schedules change to often. A (Minimum of 3 visits) Please become a regular & you’ll reap in all the benefits! Ask for more details Today!

$90 for 60mins.
$110 for 75mins.
$140 for 90mins.
$190 for 2hrs. (Extra $10/hr) due to use of time and resources.
(CASH ONLY for first time clients. There’s a $3.95 fee to use the debit machine.)

Deep tissue.
Hot stone.
Hot oil.
& Reiki Massages.
(Sorry I don’t offer mobile massage.)

I Apologize I’m not able to do direct billing at this time as this is a new business set up for me. I only offer electronic receipts to SELECT providers; Ask For more details. I need you to know your provider prior to booking. I’ll need to confirm I have coverage for you. Please message me on here once you have submitted and received an approved response back from your provider, in case I need to make amendments to the original receipt.
Thank you.

*PLEASE NOTE* Ask for a photo of myself so you know who you’re meeting with. Also I require a photo of all my clients. It’s my new policy, Thank you for your understanding! All I ask is that you send 1 photo, it doesn’t have to be recent just something to put the name to the face. Also if you’d like to see some reviews on my business, please ask I’d be happy to confirm some of them with you.

(250) 466. 4187
NO phone calls please. Text only.

You can be Black, Brown, Asian, White, blue, green or purple I don’t care, I do not discriminate. This is A safe place for anyone so long as you’re respectful to me, that’s all I am concerned about. Most importantly. I will not bore you with any nauseating spa music.

P.S No shows are not welcome. If you need to cancel pls give me as much notice as possible so that I can hopefully fill that spot. 😀

I look forward to meeting with you!
Please be kind to one another.
Thank YOU.
Laura. ☮️

Please Enjoy this song from a beautiful human I so admire.