Massage today with a Latina Only professional.

You can call or text to book an appointment at 403-3971976

We offer Swedish Medium Deep relaxation massage and Medium deep therapeutic. As well Hot Stone Massage.

* 1 hour massage on happy Fridays will be 90 on other days of the week 105
* 90 minutes massage on Happy Fridays will be 150 on other day’s of the week will be 168

*45 minutes massage on Happy Fridays will be 80 on other weeks days is 90

* On Mondays and Fridays available 4 hands massage with two Latinas . This is a very nice experience for you to feel that you are getting massage on the legs and the back at the same time plus as well you can ask to get the hot stones during the massage. 150 for one hour.

Body Scrubs available for 160 on Happy Fridays for one hour and have with 50 minutes massage include it. We exfoliate with a very good quality scrub , after we apply a hydrating mask all over the body , the client gets shower and we do a 50 minutes massage after.
The body scrub price on other day’s of the week is 210.

Waxing available for men and women for full body hair removal.
As well as Pedicures ( 60) , Manicures .
Botox available for wrinkles, PRP treatments for hair regrowth and more please go to our website to see more.

Botox 10 per unit Now! For improving Men wrinkles and Women.