Massage$75/Mobile RMT! Registered, licensed & insured

Inappropriate and unwanted behaviour will be reported! Mandatory draping with sheets
I’m a professional female RMT with 3000 hrs of schooling and 8 years of massage therapy experience.
I work alone so you are not exposed to anyone else
even when you come to my location.
You will not regret booking a massage session with me.
I take pride in my work & all my clients give me a 5 star rating and rave about me on google.
Search, MassageByTI in Bridlewood
Add cupping to your massage session at no extra cost!
Mobile rates
$90/60 mins
$130/90 mins
$170/120 mins
My location rates: Located in Bridlewood SW
$75/60 mins
$110/90 mins
$140/120 mins
Stay home and stay safe, let me come to you.
I strictly follow Covid-19 guidelines and protocols to keep you and my self safe and Covid free.
When you choose mobile massage you are only exposed to one person and not a whole team of people and other clients who come and go in the clinic. Also, you are safest when you are at the comfort of your own home.