Men’s waxing and massage treatments

Hi, I offer all kinds of men’s waxing body services in a clean & private setting in my home studio. I am a male esthetician. and certified.
My top offers are Manzilian waxing for men (balls, shaft, pubes, bikini) commonly referred to as a “boyzilian” “Guyzilian” and crack or inner butt waxing.
In recent years the interest in Brazilian waxing for men has increased dramatically! That is why I’m here! 🙂
Also trimming and post-wax aftercare treatments available.
Rejuvenating Body Treatment
Invigorate your body with this treatment that combines soothing natural oils, Vitamin A & E and antioxidant-rich herbal extracts to eliminate impurities and leave your skin naturally smooth and radiant. This four-step body ritual involves the soaking, exfoliation and clay masque hydration of the skin, with work on Nourishes the skin with cream rub into with a relaxing hand massage.
Now booking.
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