My Haven Laser & Spa Vichy shower treatments

Grand opening Sep. 23rd
Vichy Shower Hydrotherapy
Whether you’ve heard of a Vichy Shower or not, you’re probably wondering if it’s a kind of spa treatment that’s right for you. This special kind of rinsing has very interesting origins and benefits as well, so you might want to know about it in case you want to try it.

The city of Vichy, in France, contains five natural mineral springs. These springs inspired the design of the Vichy shower. A Vichy shower includes five to seven shower heads that are placed in a row over a table. In a simple sense, a Vichy shower is a shower you take while lying down on a wet table. It is not necessarily a massage, but it will surely relax and revitalize you from head to toe. Spas worldwide feature the shower in some of their most popular hydrotherapy (water) treatments. The Vichy Shower can be a compliment to massages, wraps and scrubs, or it can be used as a stand-alone therapeutic treatment. When you receive the Vichy shower with a body treatment, the therapist will wear gentle scrubbing gloves to rub and exfoliate your skin as the body mask/wrap/salt scrub is being removed. This type of hydrotherapy helps relax the client but also provides an immunity boost by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Vichy Shower Treatments;
My Haven Signature Body Wrap
Vichy Massage with Sea Salt Exfoliation
Vichy Sea Salt Glow
Vichy Shower Massage