Open late! I help you relax. Male Therapist. Ogden SE. $65/hr

The European Spa Massage is a full-body session using classic Swedish techniques. It contains aspects of both remedial and relaxation massage. “A variety of pressures” means the therapist uses the pressure required to alleviate knots and tension, or you may indicate a preference for “deep tissue or light touch.” Hand-held hot stones and hot oil are standard with every session. A full length steam towel is provided at the end to remove excess oil and warm your body to the core.

If you book a 90 or 120-minute session, BodyMIndSoul Studio offers extra value. The first hour is used to do a full body massage, but the additional time may be used for:
• a chocolate coffee sugar bodyscrub to remove dead skin and increase your skin’s circulation
• feet or face massages
No extra cost to the regular fee if 90 minutes or more.
The environment of the European Spa Massage is conducive to relaxation. The focus is on creating a blissful experience with interior design, soft lighting, and soothing music.

▸$50/30 min, $65/60 min, $90/90 min, $120/120 min
• Text 403.467.4877 to book
• I accept last-minute bookings when available
• Free parking, 15 min from downtown, 10 minutes from Chinook
• Extra-wide massage table.
• Shower is available