Professional Massage Therapy/ Cupping (Hijama) Therapy 50$/HOUR

We are 2nd year massage therapy students treated more than 40 clients and accumulated 75 credits
Now we have are more than happy to welcome to serve you in our rented space
At centre street.
Our caring team also ensures that our facility has a safe, excellent, and professional environment. This way, our therapist could freely implement practical skills and fully understand the techniques taught in class.
Our clinic offers inexpensive therapeutic massages. When a client visits, we let our therapist facilitate the whole session, from the brief intake and assessment process to massage therapy and post-treatment exercise plans.
**Proffesional massage table/soothing music/ fresh sheets/ hygien
**Treating only male clients
**Professional massage only
**Draping required
We are open 7days a week and work on first booked first served for that particular date
Feel free to contact us to get your queries solved and book your therapy session
368 299 4555