Relaxation 8$/60min For Liliya

This is professional massage studio.with a professional term. Offer all kinds of techniques deep tissue or relaxation Massage ., treatment massage if fell pain and stress no worry just message 5876641122 make appointment!
Open 9am-9pm
Relaxation Massage
60min -85$
90min 130$ cash only
Treat ment massage and insurance
90min -140$ receipt and direct billing and e- Transfter plus GSt
Sauna room 35$/30min
Fire Cupping : 50$/ each time
Amy: with 10 years experience : take appointment 7 days
CAT :Sunday and Monday
Tina: Tuesday Thursday 7 years experience
Sophone : 3 years experience Friday Saturday . Vacation
Liliya : 7 days 2pm-9pm( 80$/60min cash only )