Rise Within Yourself – Holistic Services for Women by a woman

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**Services are for women only. I do not work with men.**

I will be in Calgary taking appointments Jan 25 – Feb 17. – contact me to book a session. Services are mobile (no extra cost for travel) or online.

Online/Phone Sessions makes it convenient for any client around the world to access time with Tanya.

I offer:

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Mediumship, Face Readings – $60/hour, $30/30min, $15/15min Tanya combines psychic/intuitive messages, mediumship, oracle cards, and face reading for a unique reading experience and to provide you with the answers, guidance and empowerment you are seeking! Maybe you want to connect to your angles or higher self? Maybe you would like an outline on what the next year may bring for you? Maybe you want to know what your face says about you? 15 min – good for 1-2 pressing questions, either card reading or face reading but not both. 30 min – good for 2-3 questions, can combine all types of readings 1 hr – good for 4+ questions, can really go in depth and can combine all types of readings.

In-Home Psychic Parties – $20 per person, min of 4 people required to book In home psychic parties are great if you have a couple of girlfriends or couples getting together to celebrate a birthday or bachelorette, etc, or even just for a fun night of hanging out together! I come to your home and set up off to the side to provide private or semi-private readings for 15-20 min per person. Minimum of 4 people required to book a party, price is $20 per person. Please contact me directly to book your party as price and length of time can vary!

Energy Healing Sessions – $60/hour Tanya works intuitively with your higher self, guides, spirit and angels in order to provide deep energy healing to all of the 5 energy layers of the body, (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual). Whatever is needed, Tanya will be guided to address any areas of concern and provide feedback to you. Follow up sessions and/or homework may be required. **Energy healing is meant to assist you and be a complementary modality and never should replace the advice from a medical doctor.

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Sessions – $60/hour Tanya is able to combine her managerial experience, training in Psychosomatic Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and connect to your higher self, guides, spirit, and angels in order to provide direction, guidance and empowerment to YOU! If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or don’t know where to begin, having someone in your corner to hold you accountable can make a world of a difference! This psychic session is to get YOU feeling your best and to move forward with purpose!

Psychosomatic Therapy Massage – $150/1.5 hour We hold old traumas and memories in our tissues and by utilizing our breath while putting pressure on a trigger point, the old emotion/memory can be released from our body. Psychosomatic Therapy helps us to understand why we are the shape we are in and where we are holding onto things in our body. Energy Healing, essential oils and swedish technique can be incorporated into massage if needed to provide an overall healing experience. Sessions include face/body scan and posture correction.

Tantric Healing Energy Massage – $220/2 hours This is a full body massage using marma points and Tantric principles to utilize the potent energy from our svadhisthana (sacral) chakra, our prana or life force energy to promote healing in the body. You will have the opportunity to add essential oils to the massage oil, creating a unique blend just for you. You also get to keep the bottle of massage oil and you will be provided with instructions and homework for self massage after the session. Please contact me for a discovery call so we can discuss if this is the right healing modality for you.

Rising Within Myself Package – $300/6 one hour sessions for the price of 5! A great gift to yourself or for a loved one! This is the perfect package because you can choose to combine any of the one hour sessions to create your own unique combination. It will be hand selected by YOU for YOU! Are YOU are ready to Rise Within Yourself? Are YOU willing to commit up to a year of transformation*! Sessions can take place from weekly to bi-monthly – YOU create your schedule. Payment plan available – please contact for more info! **Sessions must be completed within a year from the first session.

https://tanyaivkovich.godaddysites.com/ – book online on my website and find out more about me!

https://www.facebook.com/tanyaivkovich.ca/ – visit my facebook page for more info about me and my services!

**Services are for women only. I do not work with men.**

Contact me if you have any questions!