RMT-Direct billing $80/hour

Hi Everybody, today RMT Sari, Amy and John are here.
New professional massage center is opening by 5 Makami College graduates. We would like to build repeat clients with manner, hardworking and professional skills. No rush, no phone in the massage room. Call or text receptionist Sofia at 4037080389 for appointment. No extra service please, do not even ask, we only serve professional massage. We do sports massage, full body relaxation massage, reflexology, pain relief, muscle loosing, accident injury, acupuncture spot massage, cupping and etc, you can check with us for full services. Jun, 15 years’ experience masseur, main strength: doctor background, expert of bone correction and muscle group pain relief, accident injury reheal. Lee, Over 10 years’ experience masseur, main strength: senior acupuncturist, good at acupuncture spot massage, pain relief, sports massage, accident injury reheal, only receipt available. Jim. 5 years’ experience masseur, Young and energy and well experienced, over 7 years of experiences, good at sports massage, relaxation, pain relief. Annie 3 years’ experience masseur, main strength, Engineering background, hard pressure with great rhythm, deep tissue mixes with relaxation, loose your muscle group, sport massage, pleasure personality. Nataly, 3 years’ experience Intermedia masseur, main strength, nursing background, careful, detailed, relaxation mix with deep tissue. Latina, pleasure personality. We work in different shift, prefer appointment. Price as: 80 dollars per hour, 50 dollars per half an hour, 60 dollars per 45 minutes, 120 per 90 minutes, 160 for 2 hours. Tips up to you. Stay healthy.

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