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We are an RMT and can provide insurance receipts

Looking for a massage truly worthy of the money? Here we are! GoldenTouching Massage is just plain awesome and one of Calgary’s best, these comments are not from us, but from our clients who have come again and again.

You may ask what makes GoldenTouching a truly unique massage experience?

First, our therapists come with a medical background and are knowledgeable in several techniques. RMT are with 2200 hours or 3000 hours certificates.
Second, all of us are with rich experiences, master both Canadian massage skills and Chinese Traditional Skills.
Third, all the therapists are always polite, always focus on the clients’ requirement.
From the moment you enter our store, be ready to be worshiped like a God because that’s how you be treated.

We currently operate in a private house, with driveway parking.
Our massage studio is so clean and comfortable with relaxing music.

Text to book, we will try to mark our schedule for your appointment.
Text @ 587 888 1266
Our services include:

Tension Relief Massage
Acupressure Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Foot Massage

Our rates:
30 minutes $50 dollars(female), $40 dollars (male therapist)
45 minutes $60 dollars (female), $50 dollars (male therapist)
1 hr $80 dollars(female), $60 dollars (male therapist)

Time is flexible due to a house massage, A little bit early or late is okay and your best time is a priority.

We ask that you please respect our staff and customers and let us know 24 hours if you can’t make your appointment. Don’t waste our or other customers time!