Sculpting Buccal Facial Massage Service @Nursing Soles

Sculpting Facial Message restores your skin to its natural state, reviving your microbiome. This treatment naturally stimulates the facial muscles to release the tension that builds up over time in the soft tissue pulling our facial muscles downward. This stimulation boosts collagen production, increases skin elasticity, facial blood flow and lymphatic drainage to bring life back to your face.
All the Benefits:
1. Facelift without surgery
NEOLIFTING® allows you to get an effect comparable to plastic surgery, but in a completely pleasant and relaxing state without damaging the skin and facial tissues – no side effects!

2. Rejuvenation without injection therapy
Contrary to Botox injections and other injection procedures, NEOLIFTING® works by manually deeply relaxing, or toning the facial muscles as appropriate, to smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving you full control over your facial expressions and freedom to be yourself!

3. Passive Fitness for the Face
During a session of NEOLIFTING® the muscles of your client’s face are getting trained by your skilful hands. As discussed already, we can’t exercise our face the same way we do our body – that’s why having a trained therapist doing it on a client offers the maximum of benefits and the minimum efforts – it’s all done for the client while they are enjoying well-deserved time off! As a result, muscles acquire the correct tone and resist gravitational effects.

4. Pronounced Anti-Stress Effect
NEOLIFTING® aids in eliminating psycho-emotional residue and helps to cope with stress. During NEOLIFTING® session, stagnations in the facial muscles are eliminated, a sense of freedom appears and it creates freedom for the client to express their emotions.

5. Deep Relaxation of Facial Muscle
Back in 2007, the famous French doctor and plastic surgeon Claude LeLouran has proved that it is the residual muscle tension that plays the role of one of the main reasons for the structural aging of the face. That’s why the technique offers deeply relaxing movements to give you effective long-lasting results and restore your face.

6. Lymphatic Drainage and Detox
NEOLIFTING® triggers metabolic processes not only in the skin and tissues of the face but in the whole body. Excessive fluids are drained. Harmful foreign substances and toxins begin to be excreted more quickly and efficiently from the body. As a result, new tissues regenerate, and the appearance and elasticity of the skin improve. Your immune system becomes stronger, too! Your beauty is inseparable from your health – we want you to have both!

7. Therapeutic Effect
NEOLIFTING® has a therapeutic effect in the presence of the patient’s pathology of facial muscles and/or facial nerves. By stimulating the facial muscles and encouraging oxygen and blood supply, we are increasing muscle awareness.

8. Light Osteopathic Effect
NEOLIFTING® impacts on the points of muscles attachments to the bone, as well as bone sutures in certain parts of the face. These manipulations address age-related tissue changes, spasmed muscles of the neck and the face, formation of wrinkles. NLT can also be recommended to improve the pre- and post-surgical effects of cosmetic surgery.

9. Quality of Skin
Thanks to improved oxygenation, blood circulation, tissue nourishment, and elimination of toxins, NEOLIFTING® improves muscle tone, and the facial skin becomes smooth and supple, wrinkles and age-related changes melt away. Your skin becomes cleaner and acquires that lit-from-within glow naturally!

10. Improved Facial Posture
Your session of NEOLIFTING® begins with careful observation of three sculptural lines – jawline, cheeks line, and eyes line of your client. The treatment will be aiming to balance out those three lines to “mould” the face within the boundaries of youthful appearance. The muscular framework is strengthened so that a natural lifting effect is achieved. The end result will be a happier, healthier, and younger you – the real you rather than some unattainable standard from a glossy magazine. Feel your power!