Sensual Aromatherapy w/Dr S

Bodywork with a twist touch in Calgary! Close your eyes. Turn off your mind. And open yourself up to full-body bliss. Enter a realm where your daily stress is relieved and your divine energy released. Unlock your body’s full potential at, for therapeutic touch where you need it most. Unwind, de-stress and indulge in ways your body has been crying out for. All without drama or complications. Ask about our signature session we’ve created to address all parts of you: physical, spiritual, emotional and kundalini energy bliss activation. Our sessions are intended to connect you to the sacred divine within you through movement, sound, meditation, breathwork and bodywork. You may experience embodiment and a deeper connection. We like to call the signature massage a deep energetic exchange. It’s a beautiful experience that combines massage techniques and this body work will hit all the traditional spots you might expect in a massage and into even deeper parts of the body. Our style of touch is strong, gentle, and playful! Our intention is to help you stay present in the experience and take you on a journey to ultimately help you come out of the session feeling so much more relaxed and energized than when you walked in the door! When you get a massage with us, you’ll get a mix of classic therapeutic massage methods with hot, personal strokes to provide a good experience. Consider it a stimulant of both the body and mind. Light touches mixes with firm muscle work, which gradually progresses into a personalized experience. It’s not only enjoyable but it also has instant bodily and emotional advantages It can be a terrific method to explore and comprehend one’s own sensual process in a non judgemental setting. Mild/intense touches may not be for arousing services but generally included in the massage to influence the neurotransmitter to release serotonin which increases blood flow & electrical activity, plays a role in every part of your body, from your mood to emotions to your body temperature. This is the ideal type of service for those who want to relax after a hard and tiring day or for those who want to start the day in a greatway. Having balance, inner peace and a loose and relaxed body. With a relaxing massage you feel the pleasure of being in your own body, relaxing not only your body, but your mind. This massage is softer and slower touches, sometimes deeper, aiming to release tensions and stresses that are in the body’s memory. In this massage I use heated oil or special massage cream, with maneuvers that also target tense or painful points of the body, muscle nods, in addition to rest and relaxation of thoughts and mind with positive energy cleansing background music to vibrate your subconscious. In addition- breathing techniques and mind clearing methods would be used during the massage.

Benefits of my special Massage:

-Relieves muscle pain.
-Decreased stress/anxiety/depression and a sense of well-being in body and mind. Which improves quality of sleep & quality of – Greater disposition for everyday life and mental clarity, thoughts and perceptions which leads to a better understanding of oneself.
-Improves blood circulation; Mental and physical fatigue is alleviated.
-Awaken the spiritual side: open up your receptivity to higher consciousness

* Massage is completed by an RMT, who can provide insurance reciepts* You can make the booking straight off Kijiji, im always checking; Last minute bookings & after hours available at no extra cost.

Promo Rate:
60mins – $70 (50% off)
90mins – $98 (50% off)