Swedish massage (Midnapore SE area) Medical Bldg.

I’m Licensed, CMMOTA member, Certified, Insured, Registered. Located in a HEALTH & MEDICAL Clinic facility SW area, Calgary-AHS approved & Environmental Health approved. Trademark is in process.
Monday to Friday
9.30am to 5pm
last intake 3.30pm
Saturdays (may vary)
10 am to 2pm
Last intake 1pm
By appointment only
with pre screening health related questions. To save time for both.
This is my 1st year –
Specific Modalities:
*Swedish Massage
*Relaxation Massage
*Therapeutical Massage-Supervised
For Transparency
*I can issue an invoice
*NO Direct billing
* Reimbursement this varies to insurance coverage.
*With due respect.
Serious inquiry only please
I value your time & I expect the same.
(*Inappropriate questions, rude text cannot be tolerated and will be ignored)
Thank you & Blessings