Take time for self-care, Male CMT, Beltline & Mobile

…With a profoundly relaxing, full body, hot oil massage with hand-held hot stones. Feel your stress and concerns melt away, in a safe, serene, spa-inspired studio, with an extra-wide massage table, beautiful music on a surround system, comfortable furnishings, low LED lighting, and aromatherapy.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure Point Therapy and Hands-of-Light Energy Work are used as required to bring you to the deepest states of relaxation .

Reset your immune system. When it is under constant stress and is reacting with the fight-or-flight response, it requires conscious intervention to reset it with core-deep relaxation.

Enjoy a shower, before or after, with a clean, fresh, warm towel.

Self-care is not a luxury, it is essential for health and well being..

Text to book.
Keeping fees affordable during Covid-19.
$40/30 min
$60/60 min
$90/90 min
$120/120 min