Traveling? A massage makes it better. Male CMT, Mobile only

From planning and packing, to flying and driving, the toll of travel can negatively impact your physical body and mental attitude. Massage is the most effective therapy for traveler’s mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Massage Therapy when Travelling:
-Alleviates sore and tight muscles caused by traveling in small, cramped spaces
-Reduces stress of traveling before, during, and after
-Reduces jet lag by helping you to sleep upon your return
-Rids the body of toxins encountered when travelling, by increasing your circulation and detoxing your lymph glands
-Improves immune function, important when traveling in new cities and countries and have contact with thousands of other travelers
-Travelling alone leaves behind familiar loved ones and friends, resulting in emotional detachment or unhealthy escape behaviors. The therapeutic touch found in massage grounds and emotionally balances you, so you are present and connected to your feelings.
I am mobile and can come to your hotel/home.
Text 587-703-0047 for information or to book.
$80/1 hr, $120/90 minute or $160/2 hrs
+ travel fee for mobile calls may apply depending on your distance, please inquire