Trusted Therapeutic Mobile Massage

It’s been months since you’ve had a massage. Life can be challenging. Covid 19 has made everything quite stressful. Working from home, different workstation ergonomics and having the gyms closed hasn’t made it easy for you. Mobile massage comes to you! 13 years of experience. Professional, trusted therapeutic and relaxation massage. I regularly treat sciatica, headaches, TMJ, golfers elbow, low back pain and whiplash. I also offer postnatal massage for mom’s struggling with the aches and pains of holding baby. I specialize in therapeutic massage, meaning if there are muscle inbalances, I will focus on correcting those issues you help your body function properly again. I have a sports background and regularly work on athletes. I also have many clients who suffer from the issues of sitting at a desk and the joyous little pains that come with life. Even some out of town Travellers/athletes have use my services.
*Covid 19 safety protocols in place*
Please visit or respond to this ad. Receipt issued for you to claim for your health insurance benefits. Also, please check out Google page for many five star reviews. I look forward to helping you!
In Motion Mobile Massage