VIP Aromatherapy Massage Treatment (50% off first time)

lay back, relax, and open up to a liberating journey that’s all about you.
When you book an appointment, you’re assured a safe, respectful and confidential experience, where your daily stress is relieved and inner energy released.
On a higher level, my massages can help you learn to better connect to their selves. For example, it can reawaken dormant feelings and low energy levels… it can help you regain confidence stemming from negative experiences…
Sessions begin with soft strokes designed to regain your senses, and ease the body into my touch. I’ll then apply warm silky oil to your back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs — before slowly making my way toward other areas.
Technically to be clear what I do is by definition deep tissue work , Thai, Aromatherapy and Balinese in a span of 90mins. With a feather-like touch & a firm soothing touch, the highly rewarding spa therapy has many scientific proven benefits. Gently opening up the blood clots — Its a nice cocktail of different kinds of massages perfected into one.
Im a RMT & I do provide insurance receipts . I think it’s the authentic concern I show for each and every guest’s happiness and satisfaction. And my professional firm yet sensitive approach quickly puts you at ease.
To me, providing this service is a privilege — and I have a deep admiration and respect for anyone of my clients. Im a 27 year old African American masseur who has 9 years of expertise in Thailand and Indonesia working as a professional masseur and knowledge of the human body and wellbeing, as well as the natural primary body technique processes to create an overall good time. It’s something intuitively sense before, during and after each session.
Text me for more info or to schedule 5878300783