Wanna be a full time massage therapist student?

I use to work in many different job with a minimum wages. It was very hard and working with different people (although most of them are very nice) but my point is I want to learn something different and challenging so I take massage therapist and It’s government funding with grants but of course you have to pay for it cause it’s a loan after your 2 yrs of schooling lol. But it’s worth it after if you want to focus. You can make more than 100k a year and all your loans can be paid off soon… I’m a pilipino and I want to help not only my fellow country men but everyone is welcome because this is a free country lol.
My school is in northeast so it’s better if you know the area but it’s accessible to bus station and Whitehorn station.
Let me know if your interested because it’s a free assessment and you don’t have any obligations what so ever…
2 yrs course and cheaper than the other massage school… and soon we are opening our own massage clinic.