Zen Shiatsu Massage

Need healing on all levels? Shiatsu is one of the best massages to get in order to feel fully balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Shiatsu is based on the science of traditional Chinese medicine working with energy meridians and diagnosing the root cause of the imbalances in the body which succeeds in long lasting results!
What to expect during your Shiatsu Massage
There is no oil involved, just wear loose comfortable clothing. Pressure points along the whole body to your preference of light, medium or deep pressure. It involves using thumb, palm and elbow pressure. Releasing all tension instantly, with your choice of focus on the areas you want worked on. It is nice to have the full body tune up with focused on specific areas recommended for the 90 min.
Your Choice of mobile or in home treatment
90 min $100
60 min $80
Travel fees $20
Refer a friend receive $20 off and can book on same day for a spa day
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