Affordable Radial Shockwave Therapy for Pain Relief and Cosmetic

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Special Certification AIRPWT (TM) Radial Shockwave Therapist

Results that many other Shockwave Treatments do not provide

Registered Massage Therapist; treatment is covered under most private insurance plans. Please inquire for more details.

FOR: Joint pain and calcifications, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, etc.
Scientific Studies:

COSMETIC APPLICATIONS: cellulite and wrinkles, see youtube:


I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my upper front & back ribs for years stemming from torn muscles and ligaments in that area. After years of different chiropractors, massage therapists, prescription anti-inflammatories, physiotherapists, sports therapists, the list goes on, I decided to try shockwave. Tammy-Lee was able to treat the specific area, front and back, and I felt immediate relief within the first 24 hours after the first treatment. I did three treatments and found that it definitely helped my recovery process and provided immediate relief within that first 24 hours, then a longer lasting relief after a few days of recovery. I’ll definitely be back! Tammy-Lee provides a great experience and treatment from start to finish that really works!

I developed plantar fasciitis in both my heels in October 2018. I sought treatment from the chiropractor and he wanted me to seek radial shockwave therapy. I was referred to a physiotherapist and received treatment for 4 months. When I first visited the physiotherapist I requested radial shockwave therapy, but he wanted to treat it first. After my condition did not improve he suggested radial shockwave therapy. I was so disappointed for this is what I initially booked myself in for. Many hours and dollars were spent in physio treatment. After seeing Tammy for radial shockwave treatment my one foot is 100% and my other foot is about 95%. I am still ongoing treatment so I believe my one foot will be 100% soon. The cost difference between the physiotherapist for shockwave therapy and the massage therapist is astronomically different. Tammy really helped me. (7 treatments)

I have had constant (knee) pain since November (2018) when I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis. I tried cortisone shots and multiple other remedies. I love to walk and it was debilitating that I could not walk without this constant pain. Then I found Radial Shockwave Therapy! Tammy was very open and honest about how this treatment may help. I have had the treatments and can say with confidence that I was 85% better and in less pain with this therapy. I highly recommend Tammy and the Radial Shockwave Therapy. I am now able to walk with some minor discomfort. (5 treatments)

Two years ago, I injured my sciatic nerve by falling on my butt. I initially thought nothing of this injury other than my butt was sore. The injury began to become extremely problematic because I developed a charleyhorse that tightened around my sciatic nerve. My body reacted to this injury by expanding my charleyhorse to protect my leg. It got to the point my whole leg became numb and stiffened up. I sought treatment from doctors, physiologists, chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists and nerve specialists. The treatment and drugs they recommended did not help my condition. The only thing that truly helped was the shock wave therapy. I highly recommend this treatment. (15 treatments were needed in this specific case)

A year ago I badly turned my ankle tearing ligaments and pulling tendons. Unfortunately I was touring Europe with my wife at the time so I sucked it up and kept going. The continued abuse that my foot and ankle was exposed to only made matters worse. I suffered with quite a bit of pain and throbbing until a few months ago when I decided to allow Tammy to try radial shockwave treatments. The first treatment was really painful and she didn’t use a very high level. I had 3 more treatments over the course of 4 more weeks and am glad to say absolutely no more pain or aches.

Received March 1/19. Client had a bunion removed from the great toe that subsequently caused chronic inflammation. Anti inflammatories and a cortisone injection were unsuccessful in relieving inflammation. Client was treated 4 times weekly in Nov 2018. Previously had to buy shoes 1/2sz larger to fit foot:
Hey Tammy-Lee I really have to share something with you. We are leaving this morning for a MUCH warmer climate. I pulled out my summer shoes that I have not been able to wear for the past 2 years. They fit and are comfortable! The shockwave really worked but you have to be patient. It took a couple of months to really make a change but it does happen! So so glad I did that!

It’s been 6 years I have been dealing with my chronic kidney pain. I’ve had six treatments to date. I began noticing that it was working after 3 treatments. My shooting pain that wrapped around me and shooting pain into my pelvis have stopped. I will continue with the treatments because I believe there is more healing to be done with my kidney and this shockwave treatment works!

After a few treatments on my knee, I am taking a lot less Advil and Tylenol. I am able to do more without the pain. It is not completely pain free yet, but the improvement is very noticeable. I will continue to work on my knee but also receiving treatment for legs and shoulders. I am extremely happy so far with the results! (5 treatments)