Best therapy massage and foot spa in edmonton

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Best Care Massage — A luxury Chinese therapeutic massage clinic located in Edmonton. Convenient location. Beautiful and spacious. Shower is available. We specialize in muscle soreness relief through different massage modalities. Our massage therapists tailored to ease a wide range of muscle pain, reduce muscle tension, increase joint mobility and flexibility, and reduce anxiety. We care about you and will give you best care.

We offer strictly professional services:

Deep tissue massage. Relaxation (Swedish) massage. Couple massage. Reflexology massage. Hot stone massage. Sunna

Pricing: $50/30 mins $70/45mins $80/60mins $110/75mins $120/90mins

Convenient access and Free parking in front of clinic. We provide receipts for insurance benefits and direct billing will be available soon. If you want to book an appointment, please contact 780-803-6766 By call or text. Address: 135389 97 street NW Edmonton, AB, T5E 4E2 Hours: Monday — Sunday. 10:00am–9:00pm