Body contour and cryotherapy

Hello Everyone, my name is Deana and my business is Luxe Panda Beauty! I’m a beauty technician; who’s passion is to make everyone feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in their own skin. I’m scheduling new clients in for all body,face and booty lifts. All services are non-invasive, no incision, and no downtime. It is great for any wrinkles, stretch marks, to help tighten and plump up the skin for a more youthful complexion, fat reduction, and fine lines. Now also offering Cryotherapy (fat freezing) which is a new technology to get an inch or two off in just one session and we measure before and after to see your those results. $175/session or 10% off 5 sessions or 15% off for 10 sessions.
Body contours (ultrasonics cavitation/laser liposuction, radio frequency therapy): $150/60 minutes or $220/90 minutes (for first timers 90 minutes will only be $150)
Face lifts using radio frequency therapy: $60/30 minutes or $75/45 minutes
Butt contours and lifts helps with cellulite around the thigh area where most women have trouble to get rid of. We use a new technology called vacuum therapy to push the fat from the thighs to get that peachy bum everyone is looking for! $150/90 minute session.
These results are just after 1 to 2 sessions! We can definitely make a plan with discounts to help your journey! You may also check my Instagram and Facebook page @luxepandabeauty or visit my website for more information. Please text me for more inquiries or to schedule an appointment 7806952634. Hope to hear from you soon!