Certified and Licensed Masseuse
Mobile for OFFICE and/ or home
Over 20 years years experience in therapeutic relaxation, trigger point massage, deep tissue, intuitive energy body work similar to Reki, active and passive release for sports massage. I am also a certified reflexologist ( hands, feet, head and ears).
Traditional Thai massage is an age-old practice that has been around for thousands of years. Deep tissue massage often involves various methods such as pressure, rotational movements, and deeper penetration on problem areas such as the neck, back, or shoulders.
This is done without a massage table and also can be done with feet by stepping accordingly to the right weight of a patient.
I’m a male masseuse, and have practiced with Thai teachers and have had over 25+ years of experience.
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Regular massage @$80/hr
Thai massage healing therapy @$95/hr
Thai Deep tissue/ healing therapy @ 120/hr