Energy Healing, Therapy & Treatment

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Offering many holistic therapies including Ear candling cleaning, reflexology, massage reiki, foot ion detox baths, red infrared therapy, frequency therapy, emotional therapy, holographic healing patches, aura cleaning, energy field clearing and more.
Tired of the current “sick care” system getting you no where except pill popping? I can help. I work on treating the “problem” not slapping a band-aid on symptoms.
It has ALWAYS been about treating the entire body not just the “problem” when it arises. Pain and suffering (to any degree) is caused by something else malfunctioning in the body, its a chain reaction…and your discomfort is just one symptom of its cause. If you want to get to the bottom of it, send me a message. There is NO cost for that. I have NO staff, I work treating & seeing clients out of my home, but if you are out of the city, or too far away, or unable to travel, I can still help you.