Healthy Mobile Massage & Healthy Hijama

MASSAGE is mandatory for our Healthy Life.
So Our Offer for Everyone, —— Get affordable Mobile Massage from an Experienced RMT.
BEAT the Heat and PRICE,
Our Promotional first Session Offer!
$ 85 for 90 minutes Session, with Direct Billing OR insurance receipts.

• DEEP TISSUE, — Hot-Stone — and — Relaxation Massage — for Every One,
Chair / Table Massage are available
RMT- Practitioner available,
Get Insurance receipts for your companies.
Be Relax, because, your company will pay your Bills.

• AL- HIJAMAH (a Wet – Cupping Therapy)
An Approved Effective Treatment for your Current and Chronic Condition
( for MALE and Specially for FEMALE Clients )
We are here,
• a Certified and an experienced Male — Hijama Therapist for Male and Female Clients.
• Hello females Clients,
( You can bring your partner or Kids with you in treatment room, if you want. )

We use Sterile needle and Sterile Scalpel for Hijama,
( No injury , No Cut-mark, No scratch Mark after HIJAMA, Guaranteed )
It is extremely Safe and Effective Treatment
• Hijama is GOOD for
* Arthritis Pain * SCIATIC Pain , * Fibromyalgia Pain
* Migraine Headache
* INFERTILITY , in male and in Female
* Improve Impotence.
*Memory Improvement
* Back Pain * Lower Back Pain
* improve your immune system, to fight against Viral and Bacterial infection.
* Improve your lungs condition, improve your Asthma.
* Improve your Thyroid issues.

We are Ready to serve you, with excellent Treatment!
*We provide WARM Organic Essential Oils,
*Electrical WARM Massage Table
*Extremely Neat and Clean, Safe, Warm Treatment Room that give you more Safety and Security.

We provide RMT with insurance receipt, Contact us if do you have any benefit from your company.
(Contact for Price for RMT with your insurance company name)

• And, If you don’t have any insurance coverage, Don’t worry, contact for a reasonable price for your full body massage

Experience RMT- Practitioner, available for all your Issues,
Especially for 40+ Male and Female Clients
(Cash or e-transfer acceptable)

• For Health and Safety Precaution
** We strictly fallow the Alberta Health Guideline, and we treat your body 100% Hygienic.
** We care and sanitize all belonging after each treatment.
** We use Medical grade disposable Bed sheet and Face Resting.
** We use Face Mask and N – Gloves.
** No chances of Contamination.
** Now you are in good and Safe Hands

• For SAFETY Reasons
** Avoid for a New appointment, If did you Travel past weeks
Having any Symptom of Cold, Flu or fever and sore throat, Thanks

* A New Neat and Clean Clinical Office / Studio,

( Get 30 – minutes FREE Cupping Treatment , when you book me for 120 min Session )

( Book me for all Kinds of Full Body Customized Massage )
Let me Touch & Treat your BODY with
• Acupressure + Deep Tissues Massage
• Salt – Therapy + Healthy Massage
• AL-HIJAMAH (a Wet- Cupping Therapy ) + Free Healthy Massage

A Unique and Healthy Massage Treatment in Edmonton for all your Needs in Affordable price

Our Competitive and Promotional Prices is

$45 for 30 minutes session
$75 for 60 min Session
Our additional Promotional Price is
$ 95 for 90 minutes for full body Healthy treatment ( Regular Price is $ 110)
For Students Only,
$ 95 for 90 min session for full treatment.

(Only One Clinic in Edmonton, Providing you Healthy Salt-Therapy with Massage )
(for all your Health and Wellness, Specially for WOMEN and Men above 40 )

* Pre and Postnatal Healthy Massage, a Special Package is available.
$ 65 for 60 minutes per Session (for a Package ) + Insurance Receipt.

* I am Helpful, Confidential, Certified and an Experience *** MALE – Therapist

For a pure professional Healthy and Healing MASSAGE
* Text me any Time at ——- 587 – 974 – 2470

Best Price and Best Healthy Massage with Quality Services in Edmonton, (Guaranteed)

# We Offering Therapeutic and Deep Relaxation Deep Tissues Massage under everyone budget

* Come in Our Clinical Setup Private Room and Have a Awesome Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

* Don’t worry, If you’re Tired and having Any Tense from your HARD Studies / Jobs and Living ALONE
Or Any
—————— STRESS from your Family/Friends,
# Give me few minutes of one Session to provide you Complete Relaxation and Make your Mind and Body FREE of Tense, Stress , Fatigue, Frustration, Muscle and Joint PAIN and Other symptomatic treatment Physically ,Mentally and Emotionally

* Massage at your Location, HOME and Hotel
— Or — Come in our Neat and Clean Clinical Setup Private Room
We also Offer
* Full Body Couple Massage at your LOCATION ( $ 75 for 60 min session)

I am Specialized For 40+ , Male and Females Clients for their SPECIALS NEEDS , minor and major issues and some kind of Hidden issues ( Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Psychologically)

**Enjoy with Strong Hands with Soft Touch for your Body Tech

*Mobile Massage Services make you more Relax, for detail text me .
# Mobile Services Bring for you
** Massage Table ** Fresh Linens/Towels
** Our own blended Therapeutic Massage Oils, make you more Fresh and Relax
** Detox Solution, which remove toxin from your body, give you a NEW Healthy Life and
** Relaxation Music, make your mind more healthy.

* Pay Cash Or e-transfer
**Free Health Consultant is available for all your Health and Wellness Therapy.

For an Opening Spot / Appointment for today,
Text me at any time for all your Needs / Solution at 587-974-2470

• By appointment only
We are Open Every day, including Holidays
• Monday to Friday ( 10 am – 9 pm ) ,
• Saturday and Sunday ( 11 am — 10 pm )

** For your Treatment, Luxury Clinical Setup private Room is available on your Request,

** If my Clinic is far from your Home/Hotel, Call me for your Location

** Thanks for all for reading our ads,
• Be SAFE, Happy and Healthy,
God bless you, Have a Nice day Everyday