Highly Skilled Massage Therapist

Registered and Certified Massage Therapist with over 25 years experience in injury recovery and chronic pain relief. Direct billing available. Please note: All massages are non-sexual and fully draped.

Wilma is a highly skilled goal-oriented Registered & Certified Massage Therapist who has been providing relief to her clients for over 25 years. She began pursuing her career in therapeutic massage after her own Motor Vehicle Accident experience which left her bedridden for well over a year. Once healed from this life changing traumatic event her passion became focusing her education in the field of massage therapy at Grant McEwan University with her primary focus being the techniques and modalities to relieve/release soft tissue pain promoting healing. Wilma specializes in injury recovery and chronic pain relief. Included in every session the soothing energy healing of Reiki enhances her clients experience. Come and experience the soothing, beneficial expertise of years of goal-oriented body work.

Conditions that benefit from Massage Therapy:
• Arthritis
• Athletic injury
• Bursitis
• Acute Injury-starts suddenly -from a traumatic event
• Chronic injury-develops over time
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Frozen shoulder
• General muscle tension
• Repetitive strain
• Headaches and Migraines
• Insomnia
• Low back pain
• Muscle spasm
• Muscle strain
• Repetitive strain injuries(RSI)
• Motor Vehicle Accident trauma Injury
• Whiplash
• Pregnancy Massage(Pre-and Post)

Here is what some of Wilma’s clients have to say:
“I started going to Wilma 8 years ago for low back pain after years of labor work. She was not only able to rid me of that pain but continues to help me with my tension migraines. It is obvious Wilma cares about her clients and she does a fantastic job! I won’t go anywhere else.”
Courtney Bailey

“Having suffered from chronic back pain for several years. Every time I leave after a session I feel like a new man. Wilma will make a huge impact on your life for the better. She is truly all about client satisfaction. I highly recommend her business!”
Josh Mackay