Magdalene Rose Massage

Hello everyone again…. haha this Felicia and I am so thrilled to be back! Yes I am a registered massage therapist! I did attempt to try something different…..but let’s be real… I have been massaging 13 years now and I have built quiet the massage empire! I have hundreds of massage clients and you just can’t best the wonderful, generous, loyal, understanding and sweet kind patient clientele that I have !!!! I am back and I’m in buisness! I am staying long term and I GENUINELY APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE RUBBISH NONSENSE LATELY!!!!
I can issue receipts. No direct billing and please no private calls.
I am aging at what I do, as ya”ll already know and I have decided to continue pursuing my passion with providing unbeatable, top caliper customer service and massage services!
Mon-sat 10am-10pm

Please text for new menu prices

SINCERELY, YOURS TRULY, Felicia Aka…Magdalene Rose
Have a BLESSED DAY!!!!