Male Massage Therapist 4-U

Great Relief of your Stress, Anxiety and all Symptomatic Nerve pain by a New and Developed Techniques of Relaxation/Remedial and Healing Massage in Edmonton’
For Female and Male Clients in a Professional Clinical Atmosphere.

# An Experienced Massage Therapist available.
Get a Relieve in your Chronic Neck, Shoulder, Back, Lower Back and Hip Pain with a New Developed Techniques.
# Licensee Male Mobile Massage therapist is available.

Make an appointment for Full Body Treatment for,
# Deep Tissue Massage
# Deep Relaxation Massage
# Cupping Massage
# Hot stones massage
# Stress Relief Massage
# Gua-Sha Facial Beauty Massage
# Indian Scalp Massage

Our Promotional Price is
$ 75 For 60 Min session for full body treatment.

# Direct Billing is available for all major insurance company, including Alberta Blue Cross.

# Our Remedial/Healing Massage is recommended for those clients who are Frustrated or Disappointed from other Therapy or Therapist.
# Our treatment is good for Single Mom Or Dad, living with Stress, Anxiety and Frustration.
# Don’t Call / Text me, if you want some Extras.

Text me for more detail information and Price for 90 minutes and 120 minutes Session for a Private Clinical Massage.
@ 587-974-2470 ( Capilano Office )
Second Clinic is located at South West 103 Street, Ellerslie Road.