Male Reiki Master

Male Reiki Master / Instructor
Accepting new clients for Reiki treatments, aswell as offering classes for small groups or individuals
Reiki therapy is based on belief that
vital energy flows through your body.
The idea is that a Reiki practitioner
uses gentle touch or places
their hands just above your body
to help guide this energy in a way
that promotes balance and healing.
Reiki has been studied for conditions
like pain, anxiety, and depression.
It’s a complementary treatment,
which means you use it along with
proven traditional medical treatments.

Reiki Treatment – 40 – 50 min
Reiki Crystal Treatment – 40 – 50 min
Reiki Distance Treatment –
no time in person required
Reiki Crystal Grid
3 Day – $65.00
7 Day – $95.00
Creating a Sacred space or
Ridding an area of negative energy
Starting $60.00
Item, Stone, Crystal etc. Charging / Cleansing *Due to personalised nature
please contact us to determin pricing*

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