Residential Massage, Lash or Treatment Room for Rent.

I am a home based, “awake” therapist and offer treatments out of my home.
I have recently renovated one of my empty bedrooms to rent out for half a day or a full day. (room size approx 12 x 12

If something longer term is wanted we can discus that.

The room would best be suited for a massage therapist, eyelash technician, reflexologist, cupping technician, or other professions along that line.

Because this is in my home it is a private setting. There is tons of free street parking for use by clientele.

Business hours for rental use will be 9 am to 7 pm.

This room will come with the following items which are available for day use, and included in the room rental:
– Massage table
– All linen
– Towels
– Heating pad
– Speaker to plug music into
– An oil heating device
– Himalayan lamp
– A hand towel heating device
– Heat lamp
– A magnification light for lashes
– Waste basin
– Client washroom
– Laundry services (I do the laundry at the end of the day)
– This room in NOT wheelchair accessible.

Right now it will be $50 for half day rentals (4 hours) $80 for full day rentals. 2 Day rental is $150.
Cash in advance.

This room is best for those who cannot work out of home, and just want to show up with minimal supplies and be able to provide services to clients in a clean, quiet location. The room has to be booked minimum 24 hours in advance.

Eventually I will have an online room booking option on my website. But for now it will be via email or text.
I will request a copy of a driver’s license and a 1 page waiver to be signed prior to rental. I ask that you are respectful, clean and quiet. I may be in session when your own clients are coming and going so just asking for an awareness of that courtesy, it will be reciprocated.

I will still be running my business, but I see my clients on the basement level this room is located on the 2nd floor.

My therapy treatment room has a shower. If I am not using my room during a specific time slot it would be available to you for use by your clients if needed.

You can visit my website to get an idea of me and the services I offer my own clients. If you are interested in renting please contact me for a viewing.