Thai Foot reflexology

What is Thai Reflexology?
Thai Reflexology is much more than a foot rub.
In addition to being a stimulating massage of the feet and lower legs, it delivers a form of acupressure that impacts the entire body.
During a Thai Foot Massage, pressure points along the leg’s meridians are energized to enhance or restore energy flow. In addition to leaving you feeling rejuvenated, the stimulation of reflex points on the feet, which are associated with internal organs, enhances overall well-being.
How does Thai Foot Massage differ from Traditional Reflexology?
Traditional reflexology is an energy treatment that is performed just on the feet. Thai Foot Massage combines the energy healing benefits of reflexology with the benefits of massage by incorporating the lower leg, and foot in the treatment.
Reasons to Try Thai Foot Massage
This treatment has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and to have a physically relaxing effect on the whole body.
– It improves circulation in the feet and legs
– Stimulates the lymphatic system which helps reduce swelling and detoxify the body
– Boosts the immune system
– Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility in the feet and ankles.
– Reduces pain and stiffness resulting from things like workouts, sports activities or being on your feet all-day
– Improvements in stress levels, headaches, sleep and mood when regularly receiving Thai Foot Massage
– Helps with foot sensation in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy.”
What to Expect During a Thai Foot Massage with Me?
You will remain fully clothed during your treatment. Please wear pants that can be easily raised above the knee.
The massage includes manipulation of the feet and lower legs delivered on a massage table. I use my hands, essential oils, organic massage creams and special tools to stimulate pressure points and relieve muscle tension.
for 50 CAD
Longer treatments are available upon request.
To make an appointment please call or text reflexologist Natalia@
(780) 886-0182
Location: West of South Common shopping centre
Cashless payments are accepted.
“No body massages and no extras. “